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In addition to Giant Snakehead fish, there are several kinds of good target for lure fishing on the lake in South Thailand. I introduce some of them.

    • Golden Masheer (Neolissochilus stracheyi)

      It is easy to catch small size in the stream area which pours to this lake. But a big size is very difficult to meet. To catch this fish we usually use minnow-type lure. Masheer has strong fins so their fight is very nice. Because the taste of this fish is great, in Thailand and Malaysia many anglers follow this fish so number of Masher is decreasing rapidly.

        • Hampara Barb (Hampala macrolepidota)

          Another good target for lure fishing. They are aggressive so we can catch by surface lures like Popper. This lake has a big size, like 4kg. If you want to meet a big size, you had better to use Crank Bail Lure in the river area after the hard rain. Because they seems to like muddy water.

            • Forest Snakehead, Splendid Snakehead (Channa lucius)

              This is another kind of Snakehead. They have a unique pattern on body.  The character and size of this fish is similar to Snakehead Murrel but because it is difficult to catch, so anglers who like Snakehead often feel so so happy when they catch this mysterious fish.

                • Malayan Leaffish (Pristolepis fasciatus)

                  When we feel difficulty to catch Giant Snakehead, we often change the tackle to Ultra-Light class, and enjoy with this quite fish. Small Minnows fits for this small fish. They are so curious and easily follow any kinds of lures. But they are clever so it is not easy for them to bite lures. That’s why it is interesting to fish this. 

                    • Snakehead Murrel (Channa striata)

                      Every Vietnamese angler knows this Snakehead. But in this lake Forest Snakehead is caught more than Snakehead Murrel. Dry season is best to catch this. It means April or May.




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